DN fling

This genre has indeed produced a lot of gamers and visual arts enthusiast.
A wonderful, awesome world that is full of awesomeness with great awesome warriors and characters that can weed the evil souls of the earth!.

BOOhoo, I for one is what would they call a noob, but I prefer to call myself as a newbie since I would rather think I’m not that bad in playing this games that I just discovered last December 2011. Oh yes, it was only 3 months ago that I opened myself to such wondrous adventures.

Unfortunately, mine was an attraction, then a full blown love and we crashed and burn. It was bound for a heartache right from the beginning. The adrenaline rush it gives you and the competitiveness to kick everyones ass is such a powerful feeling I cant even describe, TO RULE AMONG NOOBS! that’s my plan, but unfortunately I was too nice to be a jerk even online and too scared to duel or even party with a pro gamer.

Nonetheless, I was able to create a cute, archer with the highest level in the game, right now I’m currently AFK (away from keyboard ) and just waiting for my free prizes.


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