Wanted: Successful person


Competition is such a virtue, and everybody’s so busy competing, they have no time for compassion.  – Mark Owen


Indeed this world is all about competition, in each specie, race and gender, competition is constant. I consider myself as a happy person, quiet but contented nonetheless, but the driving force of my chosen career has brought me a significant ups and downs that has changed me drastically since my college days.

When I made my Nightingale pledge, I was sure of the difficulty this career will bring, emotions stirred, frustrations and long hours of work that will drain the life out of you. Yet the muscle pain it gave me over the last few days has nothing to do with my hospital work. It was actually the tight competition between me and the other nightingales of the world who is yearning the same thing that I do…. an OPPORTUNITY.

Never ending exams that they thought would prove one’s capability, as well as the interview that will only take 5-10 minutes, yes the most important 10 minutes of your life, I think all hopeful applicants knows what I mean about the importance of this first meeting. Impression, impression, impression; that is the key. I remembered Maám Carla telling us that this is not the time to be scared, don’t be meek, talk to them, look at them in the eye, smile, answer with confidence and be alert.

Perhaps, knowledge and skill is not really the key to every success story, but being able to let others see you as a man of success.  It is not just about having the brains, but having the audacity and drive that will push you and others to believe that you CAN.

Not much for an inspirational speech, yet it makes you wonder how Einstein and the others brains of history would’ve compare to the influential men such as Martin Luther King and even Elvis Presley.

So at the doorway before coming in,  I offered a small prayer, went inside, breathe deeply and smiled as big as my mouth can give and hopefully they will believe that I’m a woman of success.


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