Summer roots

It is indeed a privilege for anyone to get in touch with their roots, to discover their ancestry and see the places that mattered to the people who brought them up.

Last April of 2012 , I got a Super ferry ticket going to Cebu, according to my aunt and cousins we’ll be going to Cebu then Leyte.  Excitement crept inside me, I’m going to be a traveler at last! I actually hate it when people assumed the position of a tourist than a traveler, for me you get to experience the place more when you immerse yourself and let go of the comfort you have.  But to my surprise it’s not the same feeling that I get, because  it was  more of a homecoming.

The morning starts at 6 am, roosters waking you up and chit chats from geriatric on the road can be heard all the way to our makeshift room.  The smell of burnt wood is a norm during meal time, humid in the afternoon yet cold at night, as the pieces of  bamboo let the room breathe as well as our tired bodies. The Pagal clan is a big one, everybody knows at least one Pagal, it also dawned on me that I am also part of that long heritage of Salar and Godes.  My aunt would suddenly just come up to us and say “” uy halika dito puntahan natin tiya at tiyo niyo” or ” kapatid/pinsan/apo ng lolo niyo siya” or the most used would be ” pinsan namin siya” all ending with exclamation and a hyped up energy.


It was pure chaos.

DSC01648 DSC01864 DSC02004

You have the neighborhood to entertain you, visitors flooding in for small talk or  even just to see you; it was actually fun and overwhelming, my cousin would joke around and comment that perhaps people are saying ” uyy andito pala si zanjoe marudo” in which we all just laughed off.

Dozen of happy faces welcomed us, asked us to sit with them, talk to them, eat with them and share a small piece of their life just to make us feel welcomed and comfortable.   It was  so humbling, I who have more in life, get to feel in awe that they who have less could you make you feel things that no money nor comfort could ever buy.


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