From the pulpit, down to my choices



Being a Filipino, I’m knowledgeable of the power of the church , its hold on us dated since the 1500’s and its roots is kept grounded by faith. Such devotion mixed with passion has led several uprising to success. Which has enamored the world as well as our fellow citizens to become more devoted, also making this government and the previous bequeath a piece of its power to our men of faith.

A pressing matter rose my intent to write this, during a dinner my mom shared with us how the mass went and its struck a chord on me when slander was said in regards to certain senator who was pushing for the RH Bill. Perhaps he is indeed angry and frustrated about the said law being pushed. Yet to have defame a woman is a low blow for me. Far more disappointing  is that, these individuals have the power to encourage and change the minds of their parishioners. To follow the path they have led, and even the words that came out of their mouth. Whats more bothering is that the said individual has connected divorce to abortion, how? I have no idea?.


Now I don’t mean to ridicule, I also listen to the homily, but it is ridiculous to a turn a blind eye to a pressing issue on public welfare without even learning about it. According to Health Secretary Enrique Ona, the maternal mortality rate of Filipinos has increased to 221/100,000 live births in 2011 . Now to inform you, a countries Maternal Mortality Rate is a key index, on the growth and development of the medical sector of a nation. Putting up a hospital with a McDonald s inside doesn’t determine medical development.  GIVE THE PEOPLE ACCESS, FREE ACCESS.

But why is there really a big HATE  issue on this bill. I see A LOT of signage of NO TO ABORTION NO TO RH BILL. WTF! HEck! there is no legalization of abortion written on it?! Where the heck do these people get this info?


Ideally this bill is about The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development of 2011. It gives women strong hold to their choices in which they themselves can act on their own, with the government backing them up for any maternal and family planning needs. It is intended for maternal information, choice on family planning and ante natal and post natal care.

It is not the work of the devil and NO! no baby will die! and you’re soul wont go to hell. 🙂 Such absurdity makes me want to scream.

Mind you in Saudi Arabia, where a strict Islam law is being used, abortion is allowed for women who have conceived a child due to sexual harassment.  Thankfully that’s not part of the said RH bill.

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