So Text Me Maybe

Woke up with a heady sensation that I did something awful, so I checked my phone and gaped when I saw the text I made last night.

For some people alcohol is the liquid of courage, it releases you off of your inhibition. But then again it may just be a bagful of BS and crap :). I for one is a sad excuse of Disney mixed with Hugh Hefner. ( don’t ask)

It might lead up to an embarrassing situation or a hyped up frustrated “Oh-my-Gawd-he/she-finally-knows-how-I-feel-moment”.  Which I find is much more stressful than just sexting while drunk.  Anyway, worst come to worse, you can always deny it and blame it on the alcohol 😉

Quick query,

How many times have you sent a drunk text? or made a drunk call? and what is it all about?



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