Masters of 007

I have never been in awe for anyone, well other than Johnny Depp which is a fairly different matter:P.

Thing is I really have no central male idol in my life. There was no great love or admiration that was brought forth either by experiences nor fanaticism. It was all a fling that dies in a span of two days. What can I say I’m fickle.

The idea of male idolation is not a fancy of mine, any idolation for that matter. If asked Who would I want to meet dead or alive? I would have a hard time thinking about it since there are a lot of great people who walked the earth, but none of them matters to me.

Until I discovered, Sir Francis Walsingham. Elizabethan secretary of state and the greatest spy master I have ever read about. Francis Walsingham was born in 1530 to a wealthy family at Chislehurst, Kent, England. A staunch Protestant and  a distant relative of Anne Boleyn the mother of Queen Elizabeth. He was able to develop an intricate spy network, spanning Europe and  even inside the Vatican. Who were then against the idea of a non-Catholic leader. He succeeded in uncovering the Babington Plot which led to the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the cousin of Elizabeth.

He was a hard man to reckon and was feared by the Star chamber of Queen Elizabeth. I for one believed that without him, Elizabeth would have failed her reign and wont have her success. Definitely a man with a great mind.

In accordance to this I’m starting to believe that I’m a sucker for great minds, there are thinkers and doers ( if that is a word) 😛 I would definitely take the thinker.. yeah he will think and I will do.  


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