Of Prayers and Men

Prayer is a universal act of communicating to a Higher being. Each religion has its own way and teaches its own doctrines of prayers. Although prayer is indeed interconnected to man’s faith, biologically what does it bring  to a man’s persona?

Florida State University psychologist Nathaniel Lambert, was able to perform studies regarding the effect of praying, using couples who are in adversary. in his study, prayer appears to shift attention from the self back to others, which allows the resentments to fade.

According to scientist who studies Neurotheology, most especially Dr. Andrew Newberg,  brains of people who spent hours of praying is different, hours of meditation changes the shift of the brain, and the more you focus on something, the more it becomes your reality.

This reminded me of what my friends would always say to me during my hours of upheaval and doubts. “CLAIM it!” Believe in God and Claim it through prayers, that’s what they always say. I think it’s not just about faith alone but knowing your prayer is powerful that it will become your reality.

Both spiritually and psychologically, prayers brings  hope and peace to man, some would dare say a sense of oneness with oneself with the universe, especially to those who have lived their lives praying for untold hours. One cannot contest that it’s just theology that works here but Science as well.

The last time I prayed was yesterday afternoon, I ask for peace in my heart. Praying for me is more of an outlet, like the controlled group on Dr. Lambert’s test, I sadly usually pray when I am at my highest and lowest. ( Not the best Christian around ) Praying gives me a sense of hold to what is happening right now, it makes me release all my tension and excitement before it gets a hold on me. It’s when I can breathe, and talk to  HIM ( or to the universe) without any fear of being judged at all.


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