Sunday Mornings

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t”

– Elle Woods

I wont be shooting anyone, mind you that quote stuck in my head since Ived seen that film. And yes I did enjoy watching it. Change are my main priority this year, and although its been a battle from the start, I was finally able to start the long process this March.

So I started with the usual, cut the freaking long hair off; raised eyebrows? guys I’m a girl its part of our process so back off. And two,  get the heart pumping and body moving. I do believe in the genius of Elle Woods and the power of endorphins to my body, (remember the quote) and yes, happy people don’t shoot other people, they just glide with life and smile their asses off. Being inspired on this “healthy and happy” change were able to wake up at 5 am and head on to our local park.

Good morning pinas 😉

Located just on the right side from the food center,  in a covered court, an aero- zumba- taebo thing is being held every 6 am to 7 am, there’s a trainer ofcourse and one heck of a dance remix. Not bad right? We get to shake that thang without blaming it on intoxication. Hey! even gramps, middle-aged dads and moms and your local yuppies came to the sweaty soiree. And what makes it more fun, is that you cant find this kind of diversity anywhere.

Daddies who danced Lambada on a tights?! and is actually better than me,(he’s such an inspiration), Grandma’s doing the running man on a slooooowmo


( She’s so adorable) and the 20 something guys who jumps and sweat as if there’s no tomorrow (eksaherada kuya?)

Being light-hearted, I can’t stop smiling and laughing whenever I see something fun and cute in a weird way. yup, I’m the one with the bangs and braces, who giggles and laughs at the side as I do the gangnam cowboy style  😀

Moving on, the first week was fun and horrible, I discovered I have a good stamina. I didn’t stop, all I needed was the occasional drink of water and I was able to finish the circuit. Wow, so that means my lungs are doing great then. Well thats what I thought at first,  after the aero we then jog around the QC shrine, it’s the one in the middle of the circle. The first week I was only able to finish one lap but after that I was able to do three lapses. My muscles screamed, and I slept like I was in coma but heck I loved it. The usual body ache lasted for three days on the first week, but aside from the on and off cough, it was all good.

We moved on and played badminton after our usual jog, then chatted under the sun and when 9 am comes, BRUNCH. The whole place is teeming with snack bars and restaurants, from Maxs and coffee shops, to the fast food chains and the usual carinderia/ lugawan. But if you have a car, and wants to eat somewhere else well, techno hub and trinoma is near.

But since I dont nitpick on food, and my tummy has been trained on the streets of morayta and P. campa. We dine on from manong taho, to manang buko, to nanay pansitan up until to mcdo in the corner of veterans and trinoma. yumm!

Well we didnt eat all of that in just one day, its more of an interval slash every other week thing 😉

So there goes my Sunday morning, which I have done for the past two weeks, and it has been an experience worth repeating.They said that we should try to find our happiness and do things that makes us happy, well this one sets a good start on my week. Sunshine, exercise, friends and a hearty food.. wow! simply perfect.

BTW: me and my friends always have a “TRIP” we  choose a guy who jogs differently and alone,  and we try to mimic his jog  then jokes around

” kuya lagi ka bang nandito?” ( do you come here often?)   — maarte with hair flips mind you 😉


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