The family that screams together

I’m not a party girl, never been one and not really interested in being one.
I love going out to parks, out-of-town trips and just some place where I can get me some cup of coffee and lounge for long hours.

Tonight is a usual night, hanging out with the family, friends or relatives. its my moms birthday so we all just had a hearty dinner and gossip to our hearts content.
Our usual bonding time is dinner, sometimes even lunch but that would mean karaoke plus Queen/Scorpion/Barry Manilow/Asin medley up until dinner time and that would include some liquor on the side. ( wine for jutanders and ginmix or red horse for us yuppies )

Since it’s a normal gathering, we only had dinner and some sweets to go with during movie time. Now here’s the deal with our movie time, we would set up our HD surround sound system, turn the lights off and let the house shake. And whats better with that mix is a screamer film.

Yeah were into that genre, were actually looking for those screamer type. When everyone is shrieking in surprise, that’s when you know everyone’s enjoying the family bond 😉 . And here’s the deal with the usual ghoul films, as Ive said ghoul types so it’s basically supernatural in elements and not a slasher/ psycho film. Supernatural films are trending the hair on the ceiling seen, yes! when the character is scared enough that  her/his face is  so close on the cam that you can actually hear them breathing, then suddenly out of nowhere, from the back, a long silky straight black hair ( that looks like a from a shampoo commercial ) would dangle from the ceiling..and on  cue everyone would shout


SA LIKOD MO!!! ( at your back!!! )

Kids would hide their faces with a pillow, youngsters would scream, oldies would scream as well and my beloved sister would laugh her ass off on how pathetic we all look.


On the other hand, slasher types are always into the sexy girl with white top running for her life with an ax/bow/chainsaw psychotic physically disfigured dude scowling after her because she just made a cut into his face and because it’s really painful for him. (c’mon try to give a ‘lil sympathy here, wouldn’t you feel the same )

Of course  my  beloved bloodline would scream.. TAKBO!!! (run!!! ) while I stare  in daze, not moving, not even breathing.



Dont you love family nights? 😛


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