just because her favorite is yellow daisies

Tis always sad

to see the one you love get hurt

tears falling from her cheeks

body shaking because the pain is too deep

you open your arms and hug them

warm her with your embrace

hoping that your love will be enough for it to be erase

The pain, frustration and rejection

what a mad world it is,

To see your love hurting by unrequited love..

                                                                    ..with you waiting for her to give it back.



    1. ( a little push/singing can go along way my friend )

      I’ll hold the door
      please come in and just sit here for a while
      this is my way of telling you
      I need you in my life
      It’s so cold without your touch
      I’ve been dreaming way too much
      can we just turn this into reality
      Cuz I’ve been thinking ’bout you lately
      maybe you can save me
      from this crazy world we live in
      I know we could happen cuz you know
      that I’ve been feeling you -AJ Rafael

      harana still is the best way to steal a woman’s heart

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