Last Mist of Hope

There it was, the mist from the window slick that fuzzed up the image outside.
The sun’s light creeping slowly like a thief inside the white room, that hangs endless failed dreams to an impoverished heart.

In that golden gleam her eyes squint as her pupils tried to adjust to the sudden change; from the night’s darkness to her soul’s blackness. She hugged her pillow tight as she murmured His name, asking for help, praying for salvation and his happiness. Wishing all would be gone: her failed dreams, her wretched spirit, and that bleak life she woke up to-day by day.

How death would be an easy way out.

Tears fell, as she realized it’s not gonna happen, How she dreamt of being save, of being in love and being impassioned. With knees wobbling, she stood beside the window with its morning mist. She drew breath and slowly blew the coldness off that was amidst.

Pursed lips with eyes closed, she imagines of a land far away, when she knew how it all felt like, a kiss, how to love, and to care and be cared.

Tears continued to roll down.. abandoned.. she scribbled out of despair..



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