Gone Too Soon


She doesn’t want to lie anymore, not to herself, not to him. she thought that her time will be quite finish soon, she might be gone, any moment, any day, any month. One call and she would depart. So she took a deep breath and let it at all sink in, cast the words and let the rhyme flow.

“I Love You” was all she could muster to say, every night, every morn, as soon as her eyes meet with the light of day. Loving you for no reason, unmistakable, undeniable; yet unassuring, scary and hurting. It was a bounty of emotions left unsaid and unchecked, yet she knows she has to let it all out, let it flow in the air, sit under the sun, let it live, breathe and see if the world is ready.

Amazingly, before she could even find the courage, he tapped the glass the wrong way, broke it, smashed it, end it; With the glass shattered so is her heart.

What a day it was, to actually believe that it was the right time, yet it wasn’t, perhaps it’s not supposed to be, perhaps its just a sweet lie, a bittersweet dream, a yearning of a soul to find its half, an empty sky looking for its sun and stars.

Looking out of the car window, she sighed in despair, she guessed he was just there to play the part,

most probably he was just playing all this time.



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