31, 28, 30

No, that’s not a woman’s figure, that would be our ages, me, Epol and Shin. Which is which? well lets just say I’m the 30 🙂

Past 5 pm, Shin, Epol and I are in our favorite barbecue place somewhere in Fairview, while having the famous delicacies such as Isaw, Kwek Kwek (Tuknene according to Shin) Pugo and Balut we saw a guy carrying a heavy bag of groceries in one arm, a little girl on the other arm while holding his son by the hands, guiding him which way to go. He was checking the doors of his car while holding those three equally important thing/beings with him.

We were all mummed by what we saw, it was one of those foreboding horror, a trickle of the what the future-is-in-store flashing in your eyes. We exchanged glances and started bullying Shin. (she’s our princess and bullying is our way of showing affection) 🙂

“Shin ganyan ka pag nag asawa ka na” ( that’ll be you when you get married ) I mused to Shin as she eats her kwek kwek

“Hindi lang groceries at 2 anak ang bitbit mo, I’m sure buntis ka pa nun habang ginagawa mo yun ( Not only that, aside from the grocery and two kids , you’ll also be pregnant while doing the same thing he did) joked Epol in which we both had a hearty laugh.

Shin with her nonchalant demeanor to our quips, just rolled her eyes and answered back ” Ok lang sakin yun, ang mahalaga may anak ako, eh kayo I’m sure takot nuh?” ( Its fine by me as long as I’ll have kids, but with you guys, I’m sure youre scared ayt?)

Am I really scared, well at that time I didn’t get to answer her nor Epol, I still feel like I’m at my prime that I can do alot more and have more chances with.. well women, I’m a guy so I don’t have any problem with the calendar passing by and me not settling down; but I know its different for Shin.

But hey I wont go that far and delve into people’s ideals, IFrankly  actually doesn’t know what I’m about to say with this piece, I’m just writing this to say out loud that I’m almost 30 and yet I still can’t imagine myself having kids. Epol loves kids heck I’m sure he would love to make them ( am I right?) but the responsibility is a big chunk that needs to be thought through, as for Shin, I know she wants them, the way she wants puppies and coffee.

Point is, were at our prime, most of our peers have started early in that untaken road, yet like any past 26 years old would feel, time will come when you have to stop, settle down and pray hard that you made the right choice in choosing the “One”

I’m in this road with no map, Epol is far more lost than me.. lost in trying to win her while reaching out to moneyville. On the other hand Shin was more on the right course yet I could see that her emotions always gets the best of her.

So Were all lost then.

So question is, How would anyone know you’re doing it right? How can I be sure that in the end, we’ll stay as friends, still working on this blog, and having coffee while our kids play in the background. Shin told me we’ll just have to do it, Epol just gave me a smirk.

As we drive towards Shin’s place she played I don’t want to wait by Paula Cole, she was singing and it reminds us of high school. Funny how the song reminds us of yester years when it tries to say that we just have to grab the present by the balls and work our way to the future

hopefully it consist of blogging, friendship and coffee with our kids wreaking havoc.. after we finish our groceries of course.




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