Goodmorning Monday


Have you ever watch the clouds and see them slowly move, playing with the wind and then images, characters, smiles, laughs even frowns and cries would slowly showed up and play with your senses; As if the wind and the clouds are telling you something.

I’m a cloud watcher, if there is such a thing, when I pray or when I’m alone I just go up high and watch them. Its times like this where I felt happiest and loneliest, both at the same time. Like your soul and heart has been opened for the heavens to see, naked and vulnerable; And those in the clouds are the people watching you, while the wind embraces you and gently loves you in its own sweet way.

I smiled when I saw a man with big broad nose gently kisses a cherub that was sad. The child looks like it has been sad for a long time and the man’s nose bumps his head and slowly they fused and become a tower of puff. I looked over at my journal and decided to write something poetic (enough ๐Ÿ˜€ ) It was mesmerizing to just listen to the wind and be in nature. It’s the their stillness and their innocence that always brings back emotions while consecutively treating your wounds as well.

After writing I rushed over to the garage and found my 5 boys, 5 boys whose love will never wander. I took the leash out and they started to sing me! me! me!. I took Eros, our japanese spitz and ran outside, I could see his love and thanks shining in his black eyes as we stroll around and act as detectives in an abandoned lot. I sat on the ground as I let him sniff out things. A blue and yellow soiree played on the sky, funny the sun seems to shine down on us.

“Silly”, I whispered, “Ok lang po ako Lord” (I’m ok Lord, I’m fine) . ย Looks like it’ll be a wonderful week then, Good morning Monday ๐Ÿ™‚




Sometimes simple antidotes to life’s wounds is just around us, appreciate it while you can.

ithink of you


Love deeply, Smile and Follow your heart and intuition. Don’t let any unsaid words pass by.



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