Good evening, Good morning and Good afternoon to all, Christmas is near and I’m sure all of us are getting ready for that special day, wrapping up gifts and planning for the family reunion, trips and or reunion+ trips.

With this in mind most of us here will be in hiatus as well, which I’m sure 80% of bloggers will be in. Our main poet Shin will not be writing for awhile and we will be undergoing some changes with the blog  site resulting to most of Shin’s work (chengboiser)  to be placed on private. Dont worry this will only occur during the holiday season.

With these changes I hope you would still follow and visit us and may you all have a wonderful holiday!

P.S  This is an anime 90’s song, actually only Shin remembered how to sing this


Sino nga ba siyang nakasuot pula
Hila ng mga usa
Puti ang balbas niya
Siya’y mataba
Lahat ng bata’y naghihintay sa kaniya
Namimigay siya ng mga regalo
Tuwing sasapit ang araw ng Pasko
Kaya sa araw na ito
Maghihintay kami sayo

Saan ka ba nagmumula
Sana doon kami’y isama mo
Nais naming makita
Kung pano ginagawa
Mga regalong pinamimigay mo

Nais namin..
Laruan! Libro! Damit na pampasko!

——–YUNKAI (admin)


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