Whoever You Might Be


***This is an adaptation and not a translation of my previous Tagalog poem Kung Sino Ka Man


Walking alone
that has always been my thing,
I’ve wandered far and wide
not believing anything

I’ve always felt empty
and cold and sad inside,
Been broken for far too long
with scars that I can’t hide

Everything just seems so awry
I always felt unease,
been crying in the night
holding my pillow like a child,

Wondering if you’ll ever come
to save me and hold me in your arms

courtesy of inspirably.com

courtesy of inspirably.com

Never really felt the love
that I dreamt all throughout my life,
Its beginning hard to find real love
seems like it might never exist

At times I look at the stars
and whisper for you,
Though I didn’t know your name
but my heart thinks I do

I’m yearning for your touch
I’m waiting for that love
Heavens I promise to hold you tight
once I have you by my side

This I promise is Forever
and forever is set in stone
This is a poem for you my love



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