Sweetest Sin

I know its late at night

and I know you’re weary

maybe your body’s tired

as you silently wait for me

with this babe I have to say sorry

but I just want you to know

that today you messed up my head

Once again your smell has lingered on my shirt

your smile played like a film in my head

that hug that you gave left an impression on me

seriously every morning I cant help not to get busy in bed

Babe with all this I just have to apologize

if I might insult, sound perv or even a sly

know that thinking of you makes it harder for me

tragically you are both my angel and my sin.

image courtesy of hellz-of-queen-angel.deviantart.com

Walang katulad mo, walang kasing-lakas ng tama mo.
Salamat sa iyo aking guro’t gabay.
Dahil sa iyo, ang buhay ko’y nagka-saysay.
Sa malas kong ito, minsan sinwerte din ako.
Nang makilala ang taong tulad mo. -Bamboo, Muli




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