Mr. and Mrs. DOUBTfire

I am not the poet who made this collaboration but only the typist 😉 as always the blue corresponds to the male POV, while the red is for the female, and the green is a unison.

This is a collaboration about two lovers, by chengboiser and joulethomsoneffect.

I stand before you
looking at your eyes
hoping I could read your mind
and know what they profess
I sat next to you
and you seemed not to care
until I ask how you are
is when you noticed I’m there.


He sat next to me
and pondered quietly
suddenly my confusion
has started to rob me
how can I even dare say
everything that I know
that he is seeing someone else
is what my eyes had saw.


how can I truly express
how much I miss her so
when there used to be no silence between us
and we only had each other to go


how can I truly say
how much I love him so
when I know there wasn’t only me
in his arms that he would hold

how can I talk to her
how can I talk to him
how can we go back
to our old passionate feeling
to the days when I was his only one
but now there’s someone else in her mind

How can I, How can We?

Tell me honestly, if you’re still loving me
Looking into my eyes, honestly



        1. Preferred ko ang I’d Rather.

          “I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else”

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