Laro o Langit sa Dilim

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Sa pag dilat ng mga mata
may mga katanungang  namamalagi
mga bagay na pilit na winawaksi
ito ang mga katanungan matapos ang isang pagniniig..


“Sa pag dilat ng mga mata
yayakapin mo ba uli ako sinta
hahaplusin ang kamay na kay pagal
hahalikan ang noo at gigisingan sa isang halik

Sa pagdilat ng mga mata
maaalala mo pa ba ang pangakong naipabatid
magbibigay ba ito ng ligaya o kaguluhan sa isipan
magdudulot ba ito ng kaginhawaan o pasakit

Sa pagdilat ng mga mata
mananatili pa kaya ang init na nadarama
mananalantay ba ang pagsuyong sa dilim nasambit
o magkikibit balikat at tuluyang aalis? .”


Sa pag dilat ng mga mata,
dun nga lang tuluyang maiisip
kung isa nga bang langit ang kinahantungan
o impyerno’y hinukay dahil lamang sa tawag ng laman. ..


Sapakan na lang?

Kuya pwede bang iyong alisin

mga tingin mong nakakapanindig

ano nga ba ang iyong sinisilip

at tila ako’y iyong kakainin

Kuya pwede bang ika’y lumayo

wag ng idikit ang tuhod at siko

di ako dingding na pwedeng kiskisin

di ako syota mo na pwedeng siksikin

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Gone Too Soon


She doesn’t want to lie anymore, not to herself, not to him. she thought that her time will be quite finish soon, she might be gone, any moment, any day, any month. One call and she would depart. So she took a deep breath and let it at all sink in, cast the words and let the rhyme flow.

“I Love You” was all she could muster to say, every night, every morn, as soon as her eyes meet with the light of day. Loving you for no reason, unmistakable, undeniable; yet unassuring, scary and hurting. It was a bounty of emotions left unsaid and unchecked, yet she knows she has to let it all out, let it flow in the air, sit under the sun, let it live, breathe and see if the world is ready.

Amazingly, before she could even find the courage, he tapped the glass the wrong way, broke it, smashed it, end it; With the glass shattered so is her heart.

What a day it was, to actually believe that it was the right time, yet it wasn’t, perhaps it’s not supposed to be, perhaps its just a sweet lie, a bittersweet dream, a yearning of a soul to find its half, an empty sky looking for its sun and stars.

Looking out of the car window, she sighed in despair, she guessed he was just there to play the part,

most probably he was just playing all this time.


OR to your love ones, or to that girl you always want to go out with, or just maybe LIVE LIFE.


Woke up to a Friday morning realizing that tomorrow would be the last day of November. I actually grinned at the thought that I’ll be getting my 13th month pay two weeks from now, Finally I’m rich again!
Feeling confident that I have a few cash to spend I checked my phone for my updates, I got a few work related (of course),  a whole bunch of paper works and bigger bunch of promises that was undone.
Yes! I have a pile of things-to-do that I haven’t done or even started doing  this year. My unchecked 2013 list has a lot of.. un-check?

Called my pal and started talking about the plans that we made last year, and he too has been complacent on his list, Honestly its just a simple list of things that I planned of doing  for my friends and family, its not like a rich-quick-plan or transform-your-boring-corolla-to-a-sports-car.

We found out, were just stressed..not primarily from work but of spending more time idling. Social networks, gadgets and primarily the technology invasion to our modern society. I found out I spend more time texting or chatting rather than meeting them.

I spend more time in front of the couch rather than going outside and playing some hoops, WHY? because I’m tired from work? Nah! I’m just not that inspired, there’s no drive at all.
I just don’t want to because in the back of my head there’s a couch, a tv, my laptop, my ipad and a whole lot of things that could entertain me.

I have been a modern couch potato, a gadget man- whore and a networking/chat lover.  I have to do something! Disgusted by my sloth y ways (pun intended);) I am now UNPLUGGING. YES! vacation from all the things that I deemed comfortable and easy.This is only for December though, I have a list of unchecked things to DO!

Like any man I know I can’t do this myself, I need support! a few persons I can call if ever google might try to seduce me; So whom did I ask?, well for starters,  this blog is  named as SHIN, SHII and YUNKAI right, so they are the first one on my list.

They were not in it at first, especially SHII who is a gamer, but I know I had to make them see how important it is, how personal relationship is much more important than the blogosphere, than you’re followers and chat mates that you’ll never going to see in person. That the person that is more important is the one that would lay out their time for you, palpable, breathing right in front your eyes. That is your network, your RELATIONSHIPS.

At the end of my inspiring speech they finally said yes, TIME TO UNPLUG! We set up a list of rules and of course a few exceptions, such as:

NO Yahoo Messenger or Skype
Texting is allowed at minimal; only for planning for meetings, hangouts or for responding, not as a way for conversation.
NO Instagram
NO Twitter
NO WORDPRESS or any form of blogging
No Yahoo news or any of that sort, UNLESS its for purchasing tours, trips or planning an event, community work or a hangout.
Watching television must be done only for watching news, if there’s a show or a game, a friend or family companion is a MUST.
Email, are for work related issues only; UNLESS for sending letters to close friends or relatives who are abroad.
CALL don’t just TEXT

And last one that Shin thought of adding to the list, WRITE A LETTER, instead of just giving a gift this holiday why not write a letter to that special person. (shin’s a bit of a hopeless romantic)

It’s past 1 pm GMT+8, I am unplugging after this post. I feel a dread, like a pet dying, or my first car getting trashed.

Bye for now wordpress, I have to reconnect and share stories with the people in my life first, then maybe I could reconnect with you once again.



Share your TIME, share some LOVe

” Sa mama ko na lang po ito” ( I’m saving this for my mom) is the answer I got from a grade three kid when I asked why he didn’t finish his spaghetti. I suggested that he eat the hamburger since he don’t want to finish his spag, which respectively he answered ” Sa papa ko na lang po yun” ( its for my dad ). I cant help but smile as he carefully close the lid of the styrofoam which contained his spaghetti.

In that table there are four grade three children with me, and they are all saving the free Jollibee snack that they got for a member of their family. At that moment I felt that I am in the right place and I’m doing the right thing with this kids.

Just several days ago, I opted to join a website who is looking for volunteers, most of it are free of charge meaning you dont have to give money for a specific cause, they just needed your time and help. The tutoring of the street children caught my eye, teaching is something I enjoyed doing. I know I’m not an educator, heck I am nurse, but I enjoy goofing off with kids, and I would love to torture young minds with my love for books, trivias and nietzsche ( just kidding). So out of boredom, and eagerness to find my self and of purpose while I’m still stuck here.. I joined.

I was pleased and happy.. and touched! Goodness, to think these are just kids, most kids would just eat all the spag and the hamburger without even thinking if the other member of their family will even get to taste them. Eight year olds who already knows the importance of that specific meal, and chose to share and save it so that a family member can savor it as well.

In my head I was like ” awwww” (googly eyes). You see these kids are being sent to school by a foundation, they are street children who were given a chance to go back to school.

So why are we in there? its because eventhough a foundation is already paying for their education, there’s still those who were not able to finish it and lately drops out. It might be because of the situation in the family (size) , poverty, and lack of drive or interest to learn. Which is a sad truth for most of the kids here in my country, some just opted to drop out of school because doing hard labour is much more beneficial for their family. Now I have no idea what is being done for the parents of this kids economically, but since there were several kids from grade 1 to high school and the fact that they were able to go back to school and continue their education is something to be hopeful. And if encouraging them to learn and enjoy it would make them stay in school then shouldnt we all try to help?

Going back, I shook hands with him “ako si ate sheena, ikaw ano pangalan mo?”, “Jr”
( I’m Sheena, whats your name? / Jr ) I smiled as he grasp my hand. He was shy but smiling and in the corner of his eyes, he was looking at me.

He said he wants to learn English, so we got a book and I asked him to read it to me and tell me what happened per paragraph 🙂 which later on turned out to be a grammar class/vocabulary/spelling bee. It was great! He was so eager to learn even though he kept pronouncing puppies as poopies :p. Heck! I don’t care anymore, I fell in love already, and I’d like to nurture this as long as I’m here.

A child like that who would chose to share his favorite meal to his mom and dad, his kiddie meal toy for his sibling, is someone worth helping isnt? I hope you would also give your time to them.. just an hour or two for homework and some math drill and reading; And I guarantee you would find a piece of heaven right in there.

if youre interested and have some free time, click


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Remember me in Manila
the first time that we met
it was raining hard and the streets are wet
you held my hand as you help me with the steps
a probinsyano who is lost but cute as heck
who now realized that sooner he has to confess
because his life has been so unrest
ever since your eyes and his met
back in P. Campa 2002, April the tenth.