Isang pagaalay: Sa Boyfrend kong Pinas

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Hindi mo nadinig
ang kanilang mga panaghoy
hindi mo nadinig
ang sigaw ng masang nababoy

Hindi mo nadinig
ang pagpatak ng luha ng isang ina
hindi mo nadinig
ang pagpanaw ng kanilang pagasa

Hindi mo nadinig
ang iyak ng batang nagiisa
hindi mo nadinig
ang pagkalam ng sikmura nila

Ang lahat ng mga ito
kailanman di mo maririnig
pagka’t isa kang bingi at bulag
at TUTA lamang ng mga payaso
Mga buwaya na sumisira
sa binitiwang pangako
ng mga pumanaw na bayani
na di kailanman nagpakagago.


Pasensya na masyado lang akong affected sa bf kong minamaltrato


The Makati Triangle

Sparkling in the air

and the waves of her hair

brought smile to my face

while dreaming of an embrace.

Lights started to play

and dances with the music with gay

She scoot near me and said

How I wish I could stay.

My heart dropped

as the music stopped

Makati lights left glimmered in the dark

right in there my happiness seized

realizing, this might be her last time with me.

Share your TIME, share some LOVe

” Sa mama ko na lang po ito” ( I’m saving this for my mom) is the answer I got from a grade three kid when I asked why he didn’t finish his spaghetti. I suggested that he eat the hamburger since he don’t want to finish his spag, which respectively he answered ” Sa papa ko na lang po yun” ( its for my dad ). I cant help but smile as he carefully close the lid of the styrofoam which contained his spaghetti.

In that table there are four grade three children with me, and they are all saving the free Jollibee snack that they got for a member of their family. At that moment I felt that I am in the right place and I’m doing the right thing with this kids.

Just several days ago, I opted to join a website who is looking for volunteers, most of it are free of charge meaning you dont have to give money for a specific cause, they just needed your time and help. The tutoring of the street children caught my eye, teaching is something I enjoyed doing. I know I’m not an educator, heck I am nurse, but I enjoy goofing off with kids, and I would love to torture young minds with my love for books, trivias and nietzsche ( just kidding). So out of boredom, and eagerness to find my self and of purpose while I’m still stuck here.. I joined.

I was pleased and happy.. and touched! Goodness, to think these are just kids, most kids would just eat all the spag and the hamburger without even thinking if the other member of their family will even get to taste them. Eight year olds who already knows the importance of that specific meal, and chose to share and save it so that a family member can savor it as well.

In my head I was like ” awwww” (googly eyes). You see these kids are being sent to school by a foundation, they are street children who were given a chance to go back to school.

So why are we in there? its because eventhough a foundation is already paying for their education, there’s still those who were not able to finish it and lately drops out. It might be because of the situation in the family (size) , poverty, and lack of drive or interest to learn. Which is a sad truth for most of the kids here in my country, some just opted to drop out of school because doing hard labour is much more beneficial for their family. Now I have no idea what is being done for the parents of this kids economically, but since there were several kids from grade 1 to high school and the fact that they were able to go back to school and continue their education is something to be hopeful. And if encouraging them to learn and enjoy it would make them stay in school then shouldnt we all try to help?

Going back, I shook hands with him “ako si ate sheena, ikaw ano pangalan mo?”, “Jr”
( I’m Sheena, whats your name? / Jr ) I smiled as he grasp my hand. He was shy but smiling and in the corner of his eyes, he was looking at me.

He said he wants to learn English, so we got a book and I asked him to read it to me and tell me what happened per paragraph 🙂 which later on turned out to be a grammar class/vocabulary/spelling bee. It was great! He was so eager to learn even though he kept pronouncing puppies as poopies :p. Heck! I don’t care anymore, I fell in love already, and I’d like to nurture this as long as I’m here.

A child like that who would chose to share his favorite meal to his mom and dad, his kiddie meal toy for his sibling, is someone worth helping isnt? I hope you would also give your time to them.. just an hour or two for homework and some math drill and reading; And I guarantee you would find a piece of heaven right in there.

if youre interested and have some free time, click

Damdamin sa Katimogan

Nakatakip sa tenga
nakatago sa lamesa
nanginginig ar lumuluha
habang yakap ni ina

Si ama’y nakadapa na
at si bantay umuungol pa
naroon sila sa may sala
duguan at tadtad ng bala

Pagsabog at mga putok
at luha ng namatayang irog
ito ang musika sa gabi
na aming patuloy na iniindi

Ano nga bang nangyayari
ba’t nga ba’y di tumitigil
karahasan ang namamayani
sa bayan kong giliw

Bat di ba nila kasi mabatid
kasangkapan lang sila ng mga ganid
bat ba buhay ang laging kapalit
sa kasarinlang pilit na kinakamit.