Whoever You Might Be


***This is an adaptation and not a translation of my previous Tagalog poem Kung Sino Ka Man


Walking alone
that has always been my thing,
I’ve wandered far and wide
not believing anything

I’ve always felt empty
and cold and sad inside,
Been broken for far too long
with scars that I can’t hide

Everything just seems so awry
I always felt unease,
been crying in the night
holding my pillow like a child,

Wondering if you’ll ever come
to save me and hold me in your arms

courtesy of inspirably.com

courtesy of inspirably.com

Never really felt the love
that I dreamt all throughout my life,
Its beginning hard to find real love
seems like it might never exist

At times I look at the stars
and whisper for you,
Though I didn’t know your name
but my heart thinks I do

I’m yearning for your touch
I’m waiting for that love
Heavens I promise to hold you tight
once I have you by my side

This I promise is Forever
and forever is set in stone
This is a poem for you my love




Good evening, Good morning and Good afternoon to all, Christmas is near and I’m sure all of us are getting ready for that special day, wrapping up gifts and planning for the family reunion, trips and or reunion+ trips.

With this in mind most of us here will be in hiatus as well, which I’m sure 80% of bloggers will be in. Our main poet Shin will not be writing for awhile and we will be undergoing some changes with the blog  site resulting to most of Shin’s work (chengboiser)  to be placed on private. Dont worry this will only occur during the holiday season.

With these changes I hope you would still follow and visit us and may you all have a wonderful holiday!

P.S  This is an anime 90’s song, actually only Shin remembered how to sing this


Sino nga ba siyang nakasuot pula
Hila ng mga usa
Puti ang balbas niya
Siya’y mataba
Lahat ng bata’y naghihintay sa kaniya
Namimigay siya ng mga regalo
Tuwing sasapit ang araw ng Pasko
Kaya sa araw na ito
Maghihintay kami sayo

Saan ka ba nagmumula
Sana doon kami’y isama mo
Nais naming makita
Kung pano ginagawa
Mga regalong pinamimigay mo

Nais namin..
Laruan! Libro! Damit na pampasko!

——–YUNKAI (admin)


All the MAYBE’s in my life… wonderfully made by Serendipity


Maybe I get lonely sometimes, so I wait for you to ask if I want you to stay. I always want you to stay. Maybe I want to kiss you and have you tell me I’m lovely so I can remember how to be that good person again. Maybe I want you to tell me I’m the best, so I can feel worthy because it’s a feeling I’m unfamiliar with. Maybe I don’t understand why that’s important, so you certainly don’t need to worry about it.

Maybe I wanted to kiss you like tomorrow didn’t exist and this was our last chance. Maybe I wanted to feel butterflies in my stomach when our lips touched so I could forget all the bad things that have ever happened. Maybe one good kiss could fix everything and I could be okay again.

Maybe you could leave a scar on me too for me…

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Share your TIME, share some LOVe

” Sa mama ko na lang po ito” ( I’m saving this for my mom) is the answer I got from a grade three kid when I asked why he didn’t finish his spaghetti. I suggested that he eat the hamburger since he don’t want to finish his spag, which respectively he answered ” Sa papa ko na lang po yun” ( its for my dad ). I cant help but smile as he carefully close the lid of the styrofoam which contained his spaghetti.

In that table there are four grade three children with me, and they are all saving the free Jollibee snack that they got for a member of their family. At that moment I felt that I am in the right place and I’m doing the right thing with this kids.

Just several days ago, I opted to join a website who is looking for volunteers, most of it are free of charge meaning you dont have to give money for a specific cause, they just needed your time and help. The tutoring of the street children caught my eye, teaching is something I enjoyed doing. I know I’m not an educator, heck I am nurse, but I enjoy goofing off with kids, and I would love to torture young minds with my love for books, trivias and nietzsche ( just kidding). So out of boredom, and eagerness to find my self and of purpose while I’m still stuck here.. I joined.

I was pleased and happy.. and touched! Goodness, to think these are just kids, most kids would just eat all the spag and the hamburger without even thinking if the other member of their family will even get to taste them. Eight year olds who already knows the importance of that specific meal, and chose to share and save it so that a family member can savor it as well.

In my head I was like ” awwww” (googly eyes). You see these kids are being sent to school by a foundation, they are street children who were given a chance to go back to school.

So why are we in there? its because eventhough a foundation is already paying for their education, there’s still those who were not able to finish it and lately drops out. It might be because of the situation in the family (size) , poverty, and lack of drive or interest to learn. Which is a sad truth for most of the kids here in my country, some just opted to drop out of school because doing hard labour is much more beneficial for their family. Now I have no idea what is being done for the parents of this kids economically, but since there were several kids from grade 1 to high school and the fact that they were able to go back to school and continue their education is something to be hopeful. And if encouraging them to learn and enjoy it would make them stay in school then shouldnt we all try to help?

Going back, I shook hands with him “ako si ate sheena, ikaw ano pangalan mo?”, “Jr”
( I’m Sheena, whats your name? / Jr ) I smiled as he grasp my hand. He was shy but smiling and in the corner of his eyes, he was looking at me.

He said he wants to learn English, so we got a book and I asked him to read it to me and tell me what happened per paragraph 🙂 which later on turned out to be a grammar class/vocabulary/spelling bee. It was great! He was so eager to learn even though he kept pronouncing puppies as poopies :p. Heck! I don’t care anymore, I fell in love already, and I’d like to nurture this as long as I’m here.

A child like that who would chose to share his favorite meal to his mom and dad, his kiddie meal toy for his sibling, is someone worth helping isnt? I hope you would also give your time to them.. just an hour or two for homework and some math drill and reading; And I guarantee you would find a piece of heaven right in there.

if youre interested and have some free time, click ivolunteer.com.ph


A wonderfully written, heart wrenching dreadful story of the heart.


We come from different worlds. His world is black and white, he seeks the answers to figures and facts that have never made sense to me. He manipulates the puzzle pieces like a magician dazzling the crowd with his tricks, and the results prove he is always right. My world is full of shades of grey, the battered remains of a childhood gone astray, and the bitter taste of allocated blame.

His is the world of the scientist, full of numbers and equations, clear and concise, with no room for mistakes. Mine is of letters and words, terrible poetry, strung together by hope and loosely attached to the hands of fate.

His is a world I cannot comprehend. Mine is a place he’ll never try to understand. It was a cruel twist of fate for us to meet, but we found each other in between. A curious mixture of sweet…

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Chris Brown and A Nation of Raped Boys

Author and Activist , Olivia A. Cole, talks about rape culture, boys who are abuse and its link to promiscuous and violent tendencies.

Olivia A. Cole

chris brown rape

Yesterday I read an article in which Chris Brown discussed the age at which he lost his virginity. He was 8, he says, and the girl was 14 or 15. He mentions that in “the country” he and his cousins watched a lot of porn, so by age 8 he was “hot to trot.” Maybe so. Children can have sexual feelings at 8, but whether they can consent to sex at age 8 is an entirely different subject. Sex at age 8 is rape, especially given the fact that the girl involved was significantly older, a teenager. Chris Brown was raped, but to hear him tell it, that experience was positive, healthy. Something to brag about. “At eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it.”

And the worst part? This isn’t the first time I’ve…

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