whats forever for

Ang Talunan

Salop ay puno na
iniirog di ko na kaya
ang yong pambabalewala
ay di na matitiis pa

Kung may mapangahas mang sinabi
mga mapait na namutawi
mahal sana iyong patatawarin
pagka’t bugso lang ito ng damdamin

Oo, damdamin na iyong nilalaro
nagapi na at tila hapo
paumanhin kung nais na lang isuko
sumuko sa laban at biglaang lumayo.



Last night I slept with a prayer in my heart
an old soul to a young adult that’s afraid from the start

Books of sorrows and fiction used to be my window
to the truth of the world and men, I used to be a callow

Faces of strangers came rushing in
with promises of morrow behind the empty grins

Worried and battered as the ground crumbles
so I kept my distance, from the world’s troubles

Amid the flurry of young beleaguered souls
My heart tries to hope despite the tears and loss

Although a new beginning has started to set in
Push and pull of doubts relentlessly has kept me bleak

Cause truth be told in dismay it feels impassive still
for why dear heart how is it hard for you to trust and to feel.