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What do We Mean to Each Other


Sino ako, ano nga ba tayo? kung ako’y panakip butas lang

Thanks to Chengboiser for the collaboration. POV male- blue, female-red

Tula na nabuo mula sa kantang What Do We Wean to Each Other ni Sergio Mendes at binigyan buhay sa saliw ng pagibig ni Sheen at Paul.


Sino ako kung wala ikaw
sino nga ba tayo
kung puro takot ang sinisigaw
sino ang kahati ng syang puso
na sa mata mo’y dumudungaw
Ano nga ba ako
sa kinabukasan mong inaasam
Sino ako kung wala ikaw
sino nga ba tayo
kung may tanong sa balintataw
sino ang hahanapin ko
sa kaguluhan at karangyaan
pasasaan ang tagumpay
kung puso’y naguguluhan

Sino ang hahagkan
kung ako at sya na lang

Sino nga ba ang lilingapin
kung sa labi ko’y
ngalan nya lang ang alam

Sino ang iduduyan
ng bisig mo sa kalungkutan


Ikaw, maaring ikaw


——– Dahil lamang sayo sya’y di laan.

Our Song

Kay sarap sariwain ang mga huntahan

lalo na pag ninanamnam ang mga kantahan

ang mga titik sa liriko na iyong nasambit

nangangarap na minsan nama’y iyong patotohanan




bakit di na lang kasi gawing katotohanan



the song we sang together




I’ll miss you.




OR to your love ones, or to that girl you always want to go out with, or just maybe LIVE LIFE.


Woke up to a Friday morning realizing that tomorrow would be the last day of November. I actually grinned at the thought that I’ll be getting my 13th month pay two weeks from now, Finally I’m rich again!
Feeling confident that I have a few cash to spend I checked my phone for my updates, I got a few work related (of course),  a whole bunch of paper works and bigger bunch of promises that was undone.
Yes! I have a pile of things-to-do that I haven’t done or even started doing  this year. My unchecked 2013 list has a lot of.. un-check?

Called my pal and started talking about the plans that we made last year, and he too has been complacent on his list, Honestly its just a simple list of things that I planned of doing  for my friends and family, its not like a rich-quick-plan or transform-your-boring-corolla-to-a-sports-car.

We found out, were just stressed..not primarily from work but of spending more time idling. Social networks, gadgets and primarily the technology invasion to our modern society. I found out I spend more time texting or chatting rather than meeting them.

I spend more time in front of the couch rather than going outside and playing some hoops, WHY? because I’m tired from work? Nah! I’m just not that inspired, there’s no drive at all.
I just don’t want to because in the back of my head there’s a couch, a tv, my laptop, my ipad and a whole lot of things that could entertain me.

I have been a modern couch potato, a gadget man- whore and a networking/chat lover.  I have to do something! Disgusted by my sloth y ways (pun intended);) I am now UNPLUGGING. YES! vacation from all the things that I deemed comfortable and easy.This is only for December though, I have a list of unchecked things to DO!

Like any man I know I can’t do this myself, I need support! a few persons I can call if ever google might try to seduce me; So whom did I ask?, well for starters,  this blog is  named as SHIN, SHII and YUNKAI right, so they are the first one on my list.

They were not in it at first, especially SHII who is a gamer, but I know I had to make them see how important it is, how personal relationship is much more important than the blogosphere, than you’re followers and chat mates that you’ll never going to see in person. That the person that is more important is the one that would lay out their time for you, palpable, breathing right in front your eyes. That is your network, your RELATIONSHIPS.

At the end of my inspiring speech they finally said yes, TIME TO UNPLUG! We set up a list of rules and of course a few exceptions, such as:

NO Yahoo Messenger or Skype
Texting is allowed at minimal; only for planning for meetings, hangouts or for responding, not as a way for conversation.
NO Instagram
NO Twitter
NO WORDPRESS or any form of blogging
No Yahoo news or any of that sort, UNLESS its for purchasing tours, trips or planning an event, community work or a hangout.
Watching television must be done only for watching news, if there’s a show or a game, a friend or family companion is a MUST.
Email, are for work related issues only; UNLESS for sending letters to close friends or relatives who are abroad.
CALL don’t just TEXT

And last one that Shin thought of adding to the list, WRITE A LETTER, instead of just giving a gift this holiday why not write a letter to that special person. (shin’s a bit of a hopeless romantic)

It’s past 1 pm GMT+8, I am unplugging after this post. I feel a dread, like a pet dying, or my first car getting trashed.

Bye for now wordpress, I have to reconnect and share stories with the people in my life first, then maybe I could reconnect with you once again.



Pagkakaibigang nabuo sa Jeddah

Pagkakaibigang walang iwanan
sa iyakan man o tawanan
sa kalungkutan man o kasiyahan
walang makakapantay sa aming samahan
ito’y pagkakaibigang d ko malilimutan magpakailan man…

si am , ang kaibigang di aq iniwan
si get , ang bunso namin sa kakulitan
si rose , na galit pagtinatawagan
si ana , ang salamin ko sa kaprangkahan
si sheena , ang idol namin sa kamartiran
si rashel , ang nag-iisang single na maraming dahilan
si crisa , ang astig ng barkadahan
sila ang mga kaibigang di aq iniwan kailan man…

san man aq mapunta
sino man ang aking makita
mananatili kau sa aking puso at isipan
pinunan nyo ang kakulangan
pamilya ko kaung maituturing kailan man…

laking pasasalamat q sa inyong lahat
na minsan man ay di nyo ko hinusgahan
bagkos ako’y inyong tinanggap
san man aq dalhin ng aking pangarap
kasama q kau kahit man lang sa ulap….

bigroom group sabi nga nila
pinunan natin ang kakulangan ng bawat isa
labis kung ikinatutuwa
na naging bahagi kau buhay q dito sa jeddah…

ano mang mga pagsubok ang dumaan
sa ating pagsasamahan
alam kung atin itong malalagpasan
pagkat anjan SYA , di nya tau pababayan….

dumating man ang araw na tayo’y magkahiwa-hiwalay
wag nating kalimutan ang net sa ating buhay
ito ang magiging gabay at tulay
sa ating samahang puno ng kulay
at isa puso ang bawat naiibang katangiang taglay
pagkat ito ang magpapangiti satin habang tayo’y nabubuhay!!!

love u guys……

by my friend:    Jonalyn Margate