far away

Reminders of a Sakura







Looking at a picture of a cherry blossom

reminds me of past memories

reminded of a promise that I made

in the dim lights of Makati where we held a gaze

remembering that although Valentines may be far

but in my head holds a  promise I said to a star

that on that special day I’ll come to you

knocking on your door

suprising you with a kiss

telling you to leave me no more.

If I tell you not to leave would you hear me out after our kiss?


An Open Letter

i miss u

Six months babe it seems so long
waiting here for the time to go by
I really need to be with you
and hold you one last time
I wish I had said the right words
wish I had held those hands
Remembering how we laugh and smile
brings me warmth into my snow filled night
Remembering the suns glow in your eyes
kept me dizzy, like wines vigor with you in my life
Baby, please stay for awhile
I promise to come back for my last flight.