having you

I’m Sorry Sakura

I’m sorry babe for not saying anything
I really wish things would go so well
I thought that what we had is enough
I thought it was supposed to be Us from the start

I’m sorry babe for my silence
I really did try to be there
I really did try to understand
yet how could I when you said I’m not your man

I’m sorry babe for my blatant words
for kissing you and being so bold
I really just needed to feel you and your warmth
caress and hold you one last time.

I’m sorry babe for all that I did
I really just wanted you to be mine
I’m sorry that you don’t feel the same way
I hope that you’ll still see me in due time.

I’m sorry Sakura

image courtesy of kucing-mati-ketubruk-bajaj.blogspot.com


I guess I am not your Sasuke.


Lie With Me

Sleep with me
and hug me tight
may your arms
be my blanket for the night
hold me close
as I kiss your nose
let our warmth
satiate the loneliness that we hide
Darling lets act as lovers
please pretend for one night
believe that you love me so
as I wet your lips with mine