long distance relationship

Ikaw at Ako

Thanks to Chengboiser for making this poem with me even though she was sick and sore last Sunday.

PS. POV for male is blue, female is red and green is for both.



Sa dilim mga palad nati’y
palaging magkahawak
inaalalayan ka
hangga’t dumating ang umaga

Sa dilim tanging tinig mo
 nagbibigay lakas ng loob
upang tunguhin ang kagubatan
aabutin ang kalangitan

Sa liwanag ng kalangitan
ningning ng mata mo
siyang aking natuklasan
nagbibigay lakas, inspirasyon
sa bigat na tangan tangan

Sa liwanag ng kalangitan
iyong pagibig aking natuklasan
patuloy na naghihintay
sumusuyo, lumalaban.






A Haiku Telegraph

courtesy of nikhelbig.com

Telegram of two lovers, one in Kobe the other in Manila.

female POV c/o chengboiser, salamat sakura 😉

We met in kobe
Anata o aishetemasu
Is what I have said

Here in Manila
Sobrang namimis kita
my lips responded

Sakura has bloomed
Her response was a delight
It has filled my life

When I see him smile
Ako’y kinikilig inside
this I cannot hide

Mahal din kita
Anata o aishetemasu
two lovers profess.







Reminders of a Sakura







Looking at a picture of a cherry blossom

reminds me of past memories

reminded of a promise that I made

in the dim lights of Makati where we held a gaze

remembering that although Valentines may be far

but in my head holds a  promise I said to a star

that on that special day I’ll come to you

knocking on your door

suprising you with a kiss

telling you to leave me no more.

If I tell you not to leave would you hear me out after our kiss?