missing you

Sunday Night Sakura

I see you againabc1
playing with your hair and skirt
but you don’t see me

I see you again

with that bright smile on your face
wishing he’s for you

I see you again
strucked and confused by his words
not knowing the truth

I see you again
holding me close with eyes shut
your sadness pains me.





Winter and Sakura


Leaves falling

my mind soaring

body aching

lips yearning

I am waiting

consistently loving

patiently observing

Let it fall

Let the tears go

and bloom for me sakura

mesmerize me with your beauty

warm me with you smile

And I promise to always be there.

I Miss You


image courtesy of Gilbeto_Mattos of deviantart.net

Bright sugar red lips
welcomed me in my sleep
her tongue’s sweetness has brought glee
her dainty touch and soft skin
makes me yearn in reverie
her soft murmur and whispers in bed
drives me crazy

pumpkin, sweetheart, dear apple pie
let me taste that sweet honey

featured image is from omgfactsonline.com

Bulong sa Langit

Nakasandal sa unan
nakatingala sa mga tala
nagtatanong kay Ama
nang kumusta na sya
naghahanap ng kasagutan
sa gitna ng kadiliman
naghahanap ng paglingap
mula sa alaalang iniwanan.

Lagi na nga bang mangingimi at titingala?
para lang matuldukan ang syang pangungulila?







Ta’me mo shui – English Translation by omniglot.com

I have not slept since the moon lit the heavens last night
Just setting the fire and stroking the ember to light
The household’s retired and I am left here to sigh
The roosters are crowing all the world is asleep barring I

My soul is enthralled with your mouth your face and your brow
For your sparkling blue eyes I abandoned contentment and glee
Due to longing for you I’m unable to travel the way
Oh friend of my bosom the hills come between me and you

Wise men proclaim that lovesickness can leave one unwell
I did not believe it until my poor heart came under its spell
A malaise in my craze I failed to ignore
With a hundred and more aching pangs it’s pierced my heart to the core

I met a banshee by the Fairyrath near Ballina
I asked her politely if one could be cured of this “grá”
And she answered me kindly in tones so simple and low
“Once it sets in the heart it cannot be freed evermore”

Pag nasa malayo ang pamasko mo… magpakyut

Malayo man tayo
dagat man ang pagitan,
at isang oras ang pinagkaibahan
ikaw pa rin ang nais na masilayan

Sa tingkad ng mga ilaw
at sa ingay ng syudad na banyaga
iisa pa rin ang inaasam
Bilisan mo na kasi oras,
dalian na o kalendaryo
kumembot, tumambling at magpaikot ikot
bago pa pasaporte nyay makompleto

DALI! uwing uwi na ako!
P.S. Mas masarap pa sa hamon ang mga ngiti mo. NAKS!