Ikaw at Ako

Thanks to Chengboiser for making this poem with me even though she was sick and sore last Sunday.

PS. POV for male is blue, female is red and green is for both.



Sa dilim mga palad nati’y
palaging magkahawak
inaalalayan ka
hangga’t dumating ang umaga

Sa dilim tanging tinig mo
 nagbibigay lakas ng loob
upang tunguhin ang kagubatan
aabutin ang kalangitan

Sa liwanag ng kalangitan
ningning ng mata mo
siyang aking natuklasan
nagbibigay lakas, inspirasyon
sa bigat na tangan tangan

Sa liwanag ng kalangitan
iyong pagibig aking natuklasan
patuloy na naghihintay
sumusuyo, lumalaban.






Last Breath

** A collaboration of Joulethomsoneffect and chengboiser**

His heart laced with regret
as he kneaded her cold hands
atop of their bed
winters kiss has taken her away
leaving a soft whisper
of love that was led to astray

Her heart left him with a promise
a dream of a new life
that is filled with purpose
as death took her breath away
she said I love you hon, 
and please in this lifetime
I need you to stay.



” even in the midst of grief the mind grapples with a hundred impressions: a pain below the heart, an odor on the breeze.” -Anthony Doerr 


courtesy of

Remember me in Manila
the first time that we met
it was raining hard and the streets are wet
you held my hand as you help me with the steps
a probinsyano who is lost but cute as heck
who now realized that sooner he has to confess
because his life has been so unrest
ever since your eyes and his met
back in P. Campa 2002, April the tenth.


Ligkis ang unan
Nakadapa sa kama
Sisinghot singhot
Tanging bakas ay luha
Marubdub na kataga
Sa labi’y namamayani
Pumupungas sa higaan
Na tila langit ri’y hihikbi
Inis at paglulumo
Sa sarili’y binuyo
Pagka’t sa huli nga’y
Unti ring napagtanto
Lecheng kabobohan
Di pala muntik
At higit pa sa malapit
tiyak , alam na at totoo.
Puso ko’y iyong iyo.

Philophobia: The Conclusion

Darkness sets in
my hearts at awe
Confused and lonely
from thy lover has drawn

Weeks had passed
when you came back to me
the love that I used to have
has washed over me

Believe me I’m a coward
I don’t know how to confess
this feeling in my heart
has kept me distressed

You should know mine is pure
mine is real, mine is true
the beating of my heart
has fu*d me and made me blue

DAMN IT! My love you’ve been pushing me back
how can I truly fall
how can I dare jump for you
if you always push me back to the wall.



I'm sorry for being dishonest
guess my heart just can't confess
you see this heart has been aflutter
since you flashed your smile that made me stutter.