From Winter to Spring

There was no harmony in our words

but in our actions there is passion


There was no meaning in my rhymes

unless you approve it, or give me a smile


I lost all my confidence

cause you swept me like a child


And I can’t seem to say the right words

either I can’t impress you or I simply just choke


Painstalkingly, I just watch you walk away

let you be on your own

as I waited for another time, another day.


Sunday Night Sakura

I see you againabc1
playing with your hair and skirt
but you don’t see me

I see you again

with that bright smile on your face
wishing he’s for you

I see you again
strucked and confused by his words
not knowing the truth

I see you again
holding me close with eyes shut
your sadness pains me.




A Haiku Telegraph

courtesy of

Telegram of two lovers, one in Kobe the other in Manila.

female POV c/o chengboiser, salamat sakura 😉

We met in kobe
Anata o aishetemasu
Is what I have said

Here in Manila
Sobrang namimis kita
my lips responded

Sakura has bloomed
Her response was a delight
It has filled my life

When I see him smile
Ako’y kinikilig inside
this I cannot hide

Mahal din kita
Anata o aishetemasu
two lovers profess.







I’m Sorry Sakura

I’m sorry babe for not saying anything
I really wish things would go so well
I thought that what we had is enough
I thought it was supposed to be Us from the start

I’m sorry babe for my silence
I really did try to be there
I really did try to understand
yet how could I when you said I’m not your man

I’m sorry babe for my blatant words
for kissing you and being so bold
I really just needed to feel you and your warmth
caress and hold you one last time.

I’m sorry babe for all that I did
I really just wanted you to be mine
I’m sorry that you don’t feel the same way
I hope that you’ll still see me in due time.

I’m sorry Sakura

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I guess I am not your Sasuke.

Answers on a Spring

IF you say goodbye to me
always remember this
that woman who means more to me
and if someone else would come
I wish its someone who will love you more
and take care of you
much more than I can do


Winds are strong

and the nights are cold

the springs promise

is all I could hold

troubled heart

and our restless soul

brought another lover

to this play we hold



how come you don’t see

mine devotion and passion

is what he wouldn’t give

My dear Sakura can you please bloom only for me

Winter and Sakura


Leaves falling

my mind soaring

body aching

lips yearning

I am waiting

consistently loving

patiently observing

Let it fall

Let the tears go

and bloom for me sakura

mesmerize me with your beauty

warm me with you smile

And I promise to always be there.

I Miss You