Rants about you, me and somebody

Sweet words are nice
especially if its an I love you with a smile
but even though my heart would run a mile
deep down I know for her its only half empty
that I could never be enough
I’ll never fill that gap.


So here I go being nice
hang out with her and listen,
stick up for her till the end.
Be the man, be the driver,
be the emergency date
whom she can holler
Attention, kilig and extra hugs
simple and sweet things
brought by the bulls*t friendship tag


love me

The fact of the matter
is that what we have
can never be put asunder
its like wine with its after taste
you’ll grow into loving it
just remember not to be haste.



Inside the four walls
I crept and hide
from a monstrous curse
that runs amok with pride
A past that’s full of hurt and disdain
a house that imprisons
and kills a soul with hate.
Alms for love, mercy from God
plights and cries to the heavens above
Please heed and listen
as I lift off the stain
from this forsaken soul
that only wishes to be save.