whats forever for

Gone Too Soon


She doesn’t want to lie anymore, not to herself, not to him. she thought that her time will be quite finish soon, she might be gone, any moment, any day, any month. One call and she would depart. So she took a deep breath and let it at all sink in, cast the words and let the rhyme flow.

“I Love You” was all she could muster to say, every night, every morn, as soon as her eyes meet with the light of day. Loving you for no reason, unmistakable, undeniable; yet unassuring, scary and hurting. It was a bounty of emotions left unsaid and unchecked, yet she knows she has to let it all out, let it flow in the air, sit under the sun, let it live, breathe and see if the world is ready.

Amazingly, before she could even find the courage, he tapped the glass the wrong way, broke it, smashed it, end it; With the glass shattered so is her heart.

What a day it was, to actually believe that it was the right time, yet it wasn’t, perhaps it’s not supposed to be, perhaps its just a sweet lie, a bittersweet dream, a yearning of a soul to find its half, an empty sky looking for its sun and stars.

Looking out of the car window, she sighed in despair, she guessed he was just there to play the part,

most probably he was just playing all this time.


Last Mist of Hope

There it was, the mist from the window slick that fuzzed up the image outside.
The sun’s light creeping slowly like a thief inside the white room, that hangs endless failed dreams to an impoverished heart.

In that golden gleam her eyes squint as her pupils tried to adjust to the sudden change; from the night’s darkness to her soul’s blackness. She hugged her pillow tight as she murmured His name, asking for help, praying for salvation and his happiness. Wishing all would be gone: her failed dreams, her wretched spirit, and that bleak life she woke up to-day by day.

How death would be an easy way out.

Tears fell, as she realized it’s not gonna happen, How she dreamt of being save, of being in love and being impassioned. With knees wobbling, she stood beside the window with its morning mist. She drew breath and slowly blew the coldness off that was amidst.

Pursed lips with eyes closed, she imagines of a land far away, when she knew how it all felt like, a kiss, how to love, and to care and be cared.

Tears continued to roll down.. abandoned.. she scribbled out of despair..



Lumabas ka na mumunting bubwit
wag matakot sa liwanag ng mundo
iangat ang iyong mga ulo
at ilabas ang koloreteng pakpak mo

Sa liwanag ng araw wag mahiyang tumingin
pagka’t pag asa ang dala nito giliw
damhin din ang bulong ng hangin
tila isang harana sa damdamin

Dahan dahang humakbang sa mga sanga
at iangat ang pakpak at ibuka
ikampay ito ng paunti-unti
at lakas loob na magpakahulog.

Hayan!! Eto na ang pagbagsak!
tila mundo at puso’y lalagapak
sa takot man mata’y pilit mong buksan
sa lambing ng hangin manalig pagka’t ikay gagabayan

Koloreteng pakpak tuluyang bumukadkad
sa sayaw ng hangin siya’y umiindak
bubwit na dati sa langit nakatingala
ngayon lumilipad na at sa nakaraan ay kumawala


Isang uspan ng  magulong damdamin ni EPOL at ni SHIN, sana’y inyong magustuhan.

mars symbol

Sa pag gising palang ikaw na naiisip
sa gabi ikaw lang ang panaginip
nakakatawa pagkat akoy tila umaawit
inuulit sa isip ang mga araw na namayani
Mga araw na tila di matatapos
kulitang may kudlit ng pagsuyo
pagkakaibigang na tila nahuhulog
sa kalangitang dulot ng isang yapos

Venus_symbol.svgMga ngiti sa kawalan
mga text mong walang kabuluhan
anu nga ba ang patutunguhan
ng dalawang mundong
tila nagkabanggaan
Teka muna, tayoy magtigil
gumising sa isang panaginip
anu nga ba ang iyong ninanais?
pagibig o ang laro sa takipsilim

Mga tanong mong di masagot
pagkat puso’t isip ay umiikot
sabik sa yapos at ng iyong pagsuyo
sa pagibig nama’y ayaw magpagapos

Sabik ka nga sa pagmamahal
pero puso nama’y ipinagdadamot
nakakatawa at nakakayamot
ang tulad mong hilig lamang ay maglaro

Ang duet 🙂

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The Visitor



I moved back and forth in this dark room
looking at him, watching as he sleeps
listening to his heart beat
smiling when he draw his breath
as he murmur in our old bed.
Suddenly he moved to his side
showing a tear from his eye
just then I hear my name as he speaks
shocked, I just started to weep.

“forgive me my love, If I have gone
leaving you behind with promises undone
our life together may have been short-lived
but my love for you is forever…..

                   that even death can’t steal”